date. 01/2020
type. Short Film
director. Laurin, Giogoli, Tim Litwinschuh, Luca Metzger
director of photography. Tim Litwinschuh
with. Titus Lawrenz, Sina Sachse, Ben Litwinschuh, Jan Geburtig, Luca Metzger

story. Even if not in the same form, there are parallels that Anton (Titus Lawrenz) notes in the book about Maria (Sina Sachse) that he is reading, to his own situation. He is new in his school and gets to know Mika (Mika Pfitzner). However, Dennis (Ben Litwinschuh) and his two friends (Luca Metzger, Jan Geburtig) also notice that Anton finds Mika more than just cool. From now on, Anton is bullied at school and seeks his support in Maria, the main character of the book. She is a Jewish girl and one of the last at her school. Maria is also discriminated and threatened by three boys from her class. Finally Anton makes a decision. He wants to escape his situation and to do so, he uses one of his greatest talents.

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